Island Adventure: Camping on Channel Islands National Park

SANTA CRUZ (SCORPION RANCH)--- CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK My latest adventure took me off the road and onto a boat, traveling to the Channel Islands National Park. Specifically, I went to Santa Cruz Island (Scorpion Campground). Santa Cruz Island is one of five islands in the national park, off the coast of southern California. Island... Continue Reading →

A South Dakota Summer Vacation

South Dakota presents the traveler with a little bit of everything. Beautiful scenery, patriotic landmarks, historic locations, artistic wonders, and a wide range of wildlife. Stay for a couple of days or a couple of weeks... you will have plenty to fill your time. Several years ago, our family stopped in South Dakota as a... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Road Trip to Las Vegas

We just got back from our Memorial Day weekender to Las Vegas. The drive (without traffic) is normally around three hours with the fifth wheel from our home in Victorville, CA (Mojave Desert). We were able to maintain that pace by leaving for the trip early on Saturday (instead of Friday afternoon) and return on... Continue Reading →

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