The Death Valley Ubehebe Crater

Death Valley National Park’s northern roads are much less travel these days since Scotty’s Castle has been closed for the past couple of years (and will remain closed at least until 2019). The castle was closed due to severe mudslides during an intense rainstorm several years ago.

There are still several features In northern Death Valley National Park that any visitor should stop and see. One of the features is the Ubehebe Crater. Accessing the crater is fairly easy. Simply follow the roads towards Scotty’s Castle, and then look for the crater signs.

The area around the crater is covered with black volcanic rock. The crater itself was created by an explosive force of gasses just a few hundred years ago. The fairly young crater has trails which travel its perimeter and also down to the bottom. All trails are covered with a loose gravel surface, sometimes making hiking a frustrating task.

Although the crater is a long distance from areas such as Furnace Creek, it is definitely worth the visit. It could also be visited as a part of a side trip to the Racetrack Playa.


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