Keane Wonder Mine: Death Valley Golden Treasure

The Keane Wonder Mine at Death Valley National Park is open once again after a 10-year closure for safety concerns. Visitors are allowed to hike once again up this steep hillside to explore the mine ruins.

The trail, which is approximately 2 miles long, is difficult to follow, due to the lack of use over the years. In general, the trail is extremely steep and you should use caution on the footing, as there is a great deal of loose rock on the trail.

The trailhead may be accessed off the park road leading to Beatty, Nevada. There is a dirt road off the park highway leading to the trailhead parking. The road is approximately 3 miles long, and is relatively smooth, compared to other dirt roads within Death Valley National Park. One should still be cautious to avoid sharp rocks on the road, as they could cause severe tire damage.

The Keane Wonder Mine is known for its pulley and cable system that still stands today, nearly 100 years after the mine’s operation. In its prime, the Keane Wonder Mine produced most of the gold found in Death Valley National Park.

As you hike, take notice of the beautiful panoramic views of Death Valley National Park. These are some of the best views that you will see in the entire park.

I recommend allowing at least 2 to 3 hours to explore the Keane Wonder Mine area. Exploring the mine is definitely well worth your time.

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