Return to the Island: Two Nights on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park

This was my second camping trip over to Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park. We again took Island Packers over for the hour and a half voyage to the island. Upon arriving at Scorpion Anchorage, we walked approximately 1/4 mile to our campground.

Our campsite #17 was perfectly sheltered in a nearby bush, protecting us from the wind, which picked up a lot during the second night.

Due to a tough current, most of the campers and day trip people stuck to hiking. Although snorkeling and kayaking are normally very popular, the conditions in the waters prohibited this activity.

Not to be disappointed, hiking here is truly breathtaking.

Our hikes took us to the following must-see locations: Cavern Point (2.5 miles and easy hike), Potato Harbor (5 miles and on same general direction as Cavern Point), Smugglers Cove (a tough seven miles).

Keep in mind that you are on an island with no service, other than a national park ranger with basic first aid. All trash accumulated must be packed out, as no trash cans are available on the island. The campground does have water available for campers or day trip people. For food, we packed snacks in our packs, along with Mountain House freeze dried food.

In order to prepare for your island excursion, Island Packers has an extensive list of recommended items to pack. In addition to these resources, the National Park Service webpage has many resources to help campers and day trip individuals.

I hope you enjoy Santa Cruz island as much as we did. Happy travels!!

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