Racetrack Playa: A Death Valley Rough, But Rewarding, Adventure

For several years of coming to Death Valley National Park, I have wanted to make the 26 mile dirt, gravel, and rock road trip to the Race Track Playa. This road is infamous as a tire eater, and there is no chance I wanted to take my truck through this adventure.

This year, I booked a Jeep rental through Farabees in Death Valley in order to make the trip a reality. It was worth the entire $300 spent on the rental. We left Furnace Creek at 9am and returned at 4:30pm after a full and rewarding day.

The road lived up to its rough reputation. We saw a couple of parties changing tires as we bumped and rattled though the remote desert. Although our tires fared just fine, we were happy to feel paved road after the hour and a half trip each way.

The 21st mile marker of this trip is the welcomed site of Teakettle Junction. Travelers hang teakettles here out of tradition. This is also a spot of limited and unreliable cell service.

Once you arrive, a couple of stops are available; mainly the Grandstand and the moving stones area. There is about a half mile walk over the flat playa to get to the stones on the far side of the Racetrack. It is also fascinating to walk around the volcanic rock which makes up the Grandstand. Here are a few images from our day trip.

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