Death Valley National Park: Winter Camping

We are coming up on our annual winter trip to Death Valley National Park. This has been a destination for our family for several years. This year, I will post the highlights of our trip after returning home for all to enjoy and to help plan your trip to Death Valley.

First, accommodations are sometimes difficult to come by in the popular winter months, so advanced planning is a necessity. We stay in one of Death Valley’s campgrounds for the week, as the hotel accommodations in the park are extremely expensive.

Here is a summary of the park’s campgrounds (based on NPS). Please check with the National Park Service to confirm accuracy of the list, as regulations do change.

DVNP Campgrounds When planning a trip to Death Valley, keep in mind that fuel is expensive. I checked recently and diesel was $4.84 per gallon in Furnace Creek ( If staying multiple days, it would be worth it to time grocery store and other runs with fuel-ups in neighboring cities, such as Beatty, Nevada. Everything in Death Valley is expensive, since the park is remote and most are really a “captive audience”.

If you want to experience any of the off-road adventures (e.g. The Racetrack Playa or Titus Canyon), it would be worth the investment to rent a jeep, as these roads notoriously damage vehicles and their tires. On this trip, we have a rental through Farabee’s . We will have a complete review of our jeep rental experience after the trip.

Come back soon to read about our Death Valley National Park adventure!


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