Review: Discount Airfare Finder

Ok, I know this is a blog about road trips, but sometimes you need to fly to a destination before hitting the road. We are doing just that on an upcoming trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in October. We only have a three-day weekend, and we needed to get to Ohio quickly from southern California so that we can enjoy the fall colors in Cuyahoga Valley.

I have been looking at for a while as a possible source of discount tickets. Sure enough, if you choose the correct airports to travel between, the discounts can be tremendous. Typically, the airlines with the best deals on are discount carriers, such as Spirit and Frontier. If you keep your eye on the small print, this site could be a great option. For us, we ended up selecting Spirit Airlines with just one piece of luggage added to our base fare.



Easy to use website that offers flight, rental car, and hotel accommodations.

The flights that come up can be very inexpensive, allowing more of your budget to be applied to your actual vacation on ground.


The inexpensive airlines are “no-frills” (e.g. Spirit with less leg room, no free refreshment service, etc.)

Add-on items/services will be where they get you (extra luggage, in-person check-in, etc.)

You may be limited on the airports that you can fly in and out of for the more inexpensive fares.

In the end, could be a viable option in planning your trip. Although there are some cons to planning through this site, this can allow you to put your money into trip planning for the part that counts, at your destination.



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