Oahu (Part 4): LOST TV Show Filming Locations

We were vacationing in Hawaii, why not find a few of the LOST filming locations? The locations were not really out of our way, since most of them were near where we spent a lot of time on the north shore.

We begin with the house that Hurley bought for his mom with lottery winnings. This scene featured more of Hurley’s bad luck as the house caught fire and he was mistakenly arrested. The house can be found at 808 Hunakai St, Honolulu, HI 96816.

Next, we move to the first survivor’s beach from season 1. This beach is located on the north shore across from Dillingham Airfield on the Farmington Highway.

Part way through the series, we find “Othersville” on the other side of the island. Little did the viewers know, the village, otherwise known as YMCA Camp Erdman, is just down from the first survivor’s beach along Farmington Highway.


Finally, also on the north shore, was a location we happened to notice by accident. It was the location of Mr. Eko’s African village. You could not tell during the show that the African village was actually a Hawaiian sugar plant.

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