Oahu (Part 3)- Polynesian Cultural Center

Our visit continues in Oahu with one of the most advertised places on the island, the Polynesian Cultural Center. The center opened in 1963, and is primarily staffed by students from the local BYU Hawaii campus. According to some material handed out and several staff members, these student staff members pay their way through school by working at the center.

There are really three parts to your day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. First, you visit the various “islands” around their facility (e.g. Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, etc.) to hear and see demonstrations specific to the people of that island. Presentations include song, dance, rituals, food preparation, and basic daily living.  You receive a schedule and should plan to take several hours to visit the various presentations.

Second, you have the option to pay for a dinner or attend a luau. The luau featured a high level of entertainment and excellent food.

Finally, the Center has produced a spectacular evening program, entitled “Ha, Breath of Life”. This program features all of the island cultures through the depiction of a story of a person’s life. Although the show features awesome sights and sounds, photography is prohibited during the production.

Please enjoy several photos from around the Polynesian Cultural Center.


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