Oahu (Part 1) Waimea Valley: A Little Slice of Paradise

My wife and I decided back in the winter to take a trip to Oahu for our 14th Anniversary. This is her first time traveling to Hawaii, and my 3rd. When setting up our schedule, we wanted to have a balance of relaxation, yet not miss any of the “must see” places on the island.

I am planning a sequence of blogs to capture and show our experiences, starting with a place NOT on our original,plan. We were taking a drive along the north shore, and saw signs for the Waimea Valley gardens and waterfall. Based on the scenic beauty from the highway, we were naturally curious. The garden is located at 59-864 Kamehameha Highway.

The admission was $16 per adult, with discounts for senior, students, and of course children’s prices. They do offer a shuttle to the waterfall for those who cannot make the 3/4 mile walk (paved and slightly uphill walk). The shuttle is $10, however, we believe free for those with disabilities. One downside to the shuttle is not having the opportunity to examine the details along the walk and not being able to explore the various side trail exhibits.

The garden features a wide variety of flora throughout the valley. The walk culminates with a waterfall lagoon, where you may swim. Lifeguards were on duty to supervise.

Please take a moment and explore some of the highlights below:


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