Travel Tool: Road Trip Planning


Managing a road trip should not be a complicated process. By organizing your destinations ahead of time using a map website (Google, MapQuest, etc.), you can get a good idea of distances as well as planning routes. In addition to these destinations, you should also research and select accommodations for your stay (RV Park, cabins, hotels, campsites, etc.)

Here is a quick list of items to consider:

  • Destination(s)— Including your preferred route
  • Admission Fees— Passes, tours, excursions, etc.
  • Accommodations (price, amenities, etc.)
  • Local Fuel Prices— This may vary by region
  • Food Budget

In calculating each of these items, consider budgeting a slightly higher than expected amount in order to ensure that your vacation will come in under budget. Here are some helpful links to use when planning:

Maps:                    Google Maps                             Mapquest

Fuel:                      Gas Buddy

Campsites:           Good Sam                        

In order to assist in the planning of a road trip, I often use a spreadsheet which allows me to outline the trip while maintaining a running total of admissions, mileage, and accommodations. Feel free to download the following file to assist you in your planning process.

Trip Cost Calculator

Planning Image

My hope is that these tools will help make your trip planning experience fun and exciting.

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