Memorial Day Road Trip to Las Vegas

We just got back from our Memorial Day weekender to Las Vegas. The drive (without traffic) is normally around three hours with the fifth wheel from our home in Victorville, CA (Mojave Desert). We were able to maintain that pace by leaving for the trip early on Saturday (instead of Friday afternoon) and return on Monday morning (leaving Las Vegas at 7:30am).

For our accommodations, we tried out the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. This is the first time we had ever actually stayed in Las Vegas with the RV. since we normally push on to Utah as our first stop. Here are a few images I took of the Oasis:

Fairly spacious sites, although the one way roads are tricky to pull out when leaving.
Plenty of check-in parking
Kids loved the pool area. It was a warm stay– summer finally arrived. They have an adults only pool as well as a family pool. You can also see the 18-hole putting green.
Vegas developments getting closer to an area that used to be int he middle of nowhere. South Point is just to the south of the park.
A large park, with all levels of RVs, from buses to bumper pulls.

The family had a great time, and I would recommend to anyone wanting to spend a few days away in Las Vegas. If you are traveling to the strip, it was not uncommon to see cabs and Uber picking up people at all times. In addition, a grocery store and gas station are just a block away.

Happy Travels!!!!

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